[Top Kryt s Otvormi] Nové L80S Počítač Prípadoch Hliníkové Šasi Ploche Mainframe Pre Hru Šasi DIY MINI ITX Prípade

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Model: RGEEK L80S Materiál: Hliník(Hrúbka 3,5 mm) základná Doska: Podpora Mini itx základnej dosky(17 cm*17 cm) HDD: 1. M/B Radiátor Výška Pod 36 mm, Inštalácia 1*3.5" HDD 2. M/B Radiátor Výška Pod 52mm, Nainštalujte 2*2.5" HDD USB Porty : 2x USB 3.0. Napájanie: Voliteľné, nie moc/90w/120w/200w Ventilátor: Podpora 2*5010 ventilátor Rozmer: 197mm*197mm*80mm Farba: Čierna, Strieborná

  • Form Factor: Mini-ITX
  • Štýl: S Napájania
  • Druh: Horizontálne
  • Predné Porty: USB
  • Aplikácia: Plochu
  • Číslo Modelu: L80 USB3.0 Verziu
  • Materiál: Hliníkové Zliatiny
  • Typ Karosérie: Stolné počítače
  • Názov Značky: RGeek

Štítky: prípade itx, 4 case, prázdne pc prípade herné, na server, onda ťažba prípade, otvoriť mikro atx prípade, viac mini itx prípade, ťažba plošinu nastaviť, špeciálne počítači, veľké pc prípade, atx.

Good case, fast delivery. The parcel came to St. Petersburg in 2 weeks, everything is whole, packed wisely, do not be afraid of damage during transportation. In the case, the first thing to do is to cut the jumper, on which 2 USB 3.0 sockets are fixed. I do not need to mount hard drives, since M2 SSD is enough. Fit cooler deepcool theta 20 PWM, height 60mm. On the ventilation holes of the case, you definitely need to town the filters from dust. Prots core i3-7300, at a browser of 27 degrees, at 840 rpm, in tanks of 45-50 gr., at 1100-1200 rpm, not yet. Fans. In general, I'm happy.
Homka 76
Beautiful case, 3.5mm thick, good quality for the price. Delivered to Indonesia in 10 days, that is unbelievable. Higy recommended seller. Have not put the system together as i didn't expect this case will arrive this soon. Waiting for my cpu cooler from other vendor now. Will recommend this to friends.
Leha Krupen
its really nice , beautiful quality , came without any damage
Using it with Ryzen 3 3200g, the build quality of case is quite nice. the itx board is fit perfectly in the case and i had removed the top plate to improve air circulation.
Chic body, thick aluminum walls, Silver looks just super. Collected in it NAS-server on ASRock j1900dc-itx with one HDD 3,5 "for 6 TB, it's all right.

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